Does your home in Tampa have worn out concrete surfaces? Concrete resurfacing is a wonderful low cost option to restore your homes concrete floors and will bring a sense of beauty to your property unlike any other type of flooring can. With many different colors, patterns and endless styles, there is the perfect concrete resurfacing look to fit your Tampa Bay home.

With the recent advancements in modern technologies, concrete resurfacing materials and methodologies it?s easier and less expensive than ever to renew the surfaces of your homes concrete floors. Concrete contractors Tampa can make a dramatic transformation to your homes appearance that will be appreciated by all who see your homes new flooring.


The following is a list of the most popular concrete resurfacing Tampa options:

? Overlays ? One of the most popular types of concrete resurfacing Tampa is known as overlays. Overlays, as the word suggests, uses stamped concrete overlays that are laid on top of the existing concrete slab. Overlays can mimic natural stone, brick or other patterns. Another overlay process includes spray down overlays which give a desirable textured look that is durable and resistant to slipping. Overlays can be used anywhere, but are most commonly used for sidewalks, patio, and pool areas.

? Concrete Etching ? Concrete etching (also known as engraving) is a process used by concrete contractors Tampa that permanently engraves patterns into the concrete slab to mimic natural stone, brick or other patterns. Etching uses special concrete tools that you diamond tipped blades in order for the blades to withstand getting dull. Many times engraving or etching is followed by staining which will provide the desired look.

? Saw Cutting ? Saw cutting is much the same method as that of etching and engraving but rather uses slightly different concrete resurfacing tools than that of engraving methods. The results of saw cutting that the concrete contractor in Tampa use are brilliant floors that are permanently cut into the concrete slab.

? Decorative Stencils ? Decorative stencils is as much of an art form as it is concrete resurfacing Tampa. This method uses stencil patterns to apply a decorative coating to the concrete floor. The concrete contractor in Tampa will use this method to turn your concrete floors into beautiful works of art with decorative stencils.

? Spray On Paving ? Spray on paving uses materials that are 4 times as strong as concrete and are wear/slip resistant. With hundreds of colors and textures available spray on paving is a low cost concrete resurfacing Tampa option that many homeowners have come to appreciate.

This is just a short list of some of the many different concrete resurfacing methods that the concrete contractor Tampa that you hire will offer. Other concrete resurfacing Tampa methods include sand blasting, polishing and others. The desired look is a matter of personal preference. For more ideas about the different concrete resurfacing Tampa Bay methods available be sure to visit our website and read all of our blog posts.